Castanets of caps

20/11/2016 Cardboard , Metal , Recycling , Sound 2162 Views

You can make small castanets in a minute of materials that are around you. Look how.

Step 1

Two caps and a cardboard strip

All you need for this little instrument are two plastic caps  and cardboard strip

Step 2

Cardboard folded in half

Castanets of plastic caps are made in a snap. First, fold a cardboard strip in half

Step 3

Applying the glue on the cap

Apply hot glue on the inner side of the cap and stick it on the end of the cardboard strip. Glue the other cap on the opposite end of the strip.

Step 4

Castanets of caps

And that is that. Castanets of caps are ready. You just need to collect a small orchestra, and the fun begins.

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