Butterfly of a paper plate

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We found the idea for this project on the site notimeforflashcards.com There you can find plenty of interesting things for your children. The idea that we found on this site is to create a butterfly from an ordinary paper plate. It’s easy to create it and very young children can help you make it.

Step 1

paper plate, crepe paper, pipe cleaner

Paper plate, crepe paper and one pipe cleaner

This is a very simple project, and as such does not require a lot of effort and materials. You need a paper plate of arbitrary diameter, a pipe cleaner and several different colors of crepe paper to decorate the wings of a butterfly.

Step 2

Drawing triangle on a paper plate

At the beginning, make butterfly wings out of the paper plate. This is done with the help of the triangle: pull two lines at 45 degrees, as shown. On the opposite side of the paper do the same so that drawn triangles remain distance of several cm.

Step 3

Cut paper plate withpipe cleaner

Cut a paper plate under the previously drawn lines. Tie pipe cleaner in the middle, as shown, and on the tops, curl the ends to look like a butterfly antenna. In this way, you have also made the body of the butterfly.

Step 4

Cutting a paper plate

Now you are left only to decorate the wings of a butterfly what is most characteristic in butterflies. There is a myriad of ways and techniques to decorate the wings. We decided to do it with the help of colorful crepe paper. Cut more squares of crepe paper of different colors.

Step 5

Gluing crepe paper on a paper plate

Then, with the help of glue attach crepe paper on a cardboard plate as shown. There are no rules for decorating, mix color crepe paper or arrange everything to be symmetrical … whatever you want.

Step 6

Butterfly of paper plate

And in just a few minutes you will have in front of you a butterfly. Due to the simplicity of this project, the children will really have fun making these butterflies.

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