Butterfly of a cardboard roll

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Butterflies are beautiful animals, which additionally beautify the sunny spring day. However, for most of the year, we do not have the opportunity to hang out with butterflies. Why do not we just make some butterflies? Here, that’s easy. Take advantage of several things that are meant for throwing and make your own butterfly.

Step 1

application of glue on cardboard roll from toilet paper

You can paint the cardboard roll or decorate it with sequins

As a basis for making the body of a butterfly, you can use the cardboard roll from the toilet paper. You can paint a cardboard with some color or as wrap it in colored paper. To fasten the paper, apply the paper glue to the roll

Step 2

Wrapping cardboard roll with green paper

Then wrap the roll into a colorful paper. When the glue is dried, remove the excess paper with the scissors.

Step 3

Drawing butterfly wings on paper

Now wings come to the line. Fold the A4 paper in half and draw the shape of the butterfly wing on it. Only one-half as in the picture.

Step 4

Cutting paper butterfly wings

Cut out the wings with the scissors on the contours that you have drawn

Step 5

Drawing butterfly wings on paper

Now spread the paper and get a template for making a butterfly wings. Place this template over the cardboard and cut the card using the template.

Step 6

Coloring butterfly wings of the cardboard

Wings can be decorated with colorful buttons, crepe paper, pieces of aluminum foil….

Now comes the interesting part: painting the wings. The colorful wings of butterflies are what adorn each butterfly. And your butterfly must have beautiful colored wings. Only imagination is a limit, you can paint wings, decorate it with crepe paper, embroidery, and colorful buttons and so on.

Step 7

Coloring butterfly wings of the cardboard

In any case, painting and decorating is best left to the little ones and their limitless imagination.

Step 8

Gluing cardboard with hot glue

When the colors are well dried, with the help of hot glue, connect the wings with the body of the butterfly that you made earlier.

Step 9

applying hot glue on apipe cleaner

The butterfly already has its shape; it only needs a few more details. The butterfly antennas were made from a pipe cleaner by bending it in half and applying a little hot-glue at the bending point. Stick the antennas on the inside of the cardboard roll.

Step 10

bendingpipe cleaner

In order to make the pipe cleaner more suitable for the butterfly antenna, twist it in the ends with pliers as shown in the picture.

Step 11

Gluing plastic eyes on the cardboard roll

you can draw the eyes

Glue two plastic eyes on the body

Step 12

drawing mouth on a cardboard butterfly

Draw the biggest smile

Step 13

butterfly of a cardboard roll

And that`s it. Children can play with this butterfly every day; he will always be there for them.


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