Bracelet of wooden tongue depressors

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Wooden bracelets can be an interesting detail on hand. Here’s how the girls themselves can make interesting bracelets using wooden tongue depressors

Step 1

wooden tongue depressors

To create these beautiful bracelets, you need the wooden tongue depressors, one for each bracelet.

Step 2

cooking ofwooden tongue depressors

Put them in boiling water and cook them for about ten minutes.

Step 3

bendingwooden tongue depressors

After cooking sticks are elastic

When you remove wooden tongue depressors from the boiling water you will notice that they have become elastic and pliable.

Step 4

wooden tongue depressors in a glass

Take advantage of that property of theirs and place them in a glass, as shown. Choose a glass with a diameter corresponding to the size of children’s wrist. Leave them in a glass overnight to dry completely.

Step 5

bracelet ofwooden tongue depressors

After drying the wood takes the form of a glass

When wooden tongue depressors are completely dried and you remove them from the glass they will retain the shape of the glass, and you’ve got yourself a bracelet!

Step 6

Gluing a stripe onwooden tongue depressors

Decorating a bracelet

Now it only remains for the bracelet to be decorated as desired. The possibilities are endless. We chose a decorative masking tape, but you can use a variety of colours, sequins, zippers, buttons…..

Step 7

bracelet ofwooden tongue depressors

And that`s it. You can easily make a large number of these bracelets, one for each day or as a gift for a best friend.

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