Bracelet of balloons

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Girls prefer unusual jewelry and what we will show you now is certainly unusual and interesting. Most importantly, the bracelet of the balloon is made in a minute, and it can be a nice gift. We found the idea for this project at the site

Step 1

Balloons and elastic

For this charming project, you will need a few narrow balloons of different colors. These balloons are used by clowns at children’s birthday parties for the development of various forms of the balloon. Besides that, you will need narrow elastic. The width of the elastic should be such that it can pass through the balloon.

Step 2

elastic wrapped around the wrist

Determine the size of the bracelet this way

Set the dimensions of the bracelets by wrapping elastic around the child’s wrist and add to that the length of a few cm.

Step 3

cut balloons

The pieces of balloons of 3 cm length

We will cut the balloons. Cut all the balloons into pieces of 3 cm in length.

Step 4

Balloons strung on elastic

Fix one end of the elastic with a clamp or something similar

Now fix one end of the elastic, stretch it and thread the pieces of the balloon. On that occasion, mix colors of the balloons to create a colorful bracelet.

Step 5


When you have strung the balloons along the entire length of a tensioned elastic band, connect the two ends of the elastic by tying the knot, as shown.

Step 6

Bracelet of balloons

Arrange the balloons along the elastic to cover the knot.

Step 7

bracelet of balloons

Bracelets can be a cute gift

And that`s it. When the elastic comes in its original position, after tying the knot, balloons will wrinkle and give an unusual look of the bracelet. For a short time you can make more of these bracelets and it can also be a charming gift.

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