Bracelet made of roll of duct tape

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It is always interesting to take advantage of something that is required for the waste. Not only is it interesting to children, but it teaches them what is recycling, why it is useful and how it helps in the preservation of nature. We’ll show you how to use a cardboard roll of duct tape and make an interesting bracelet. Children can make these bracelets for moms as gifts for the Mother`s Day.

Step 1

Cardboard roll of a wide duct tape

Use a cardboard roll of a wide duct tape

From the material for making bracelets of roll of duct tape, you need a roll of cardboard on which duct tape was coiled. For this bracelet, use a roll of wide duct tape. To decorate bracelets, use fabric of your choice.

Step 2

Painting of a cardboard roll

At the beginning, we painted the edges of the cardboard roll with a blue acrylic paint.

Step 3

Applying glue on a cardboard roll

You can use a white glue for wood


When the paint dried, we applied glue with a brush on the inner side. You can use any glue. In this case, we used glue for wood because the cardboard is also made of wood.

Step 4

Gluing fabric on a duct tape roll

Then we pasted the fabric on the inner side.

Step 5

Applying glue on a cardboard roll

We did the same on the outside. First apply a glue on the entire surface…

Step 6

Gluing fabric on a duct tape roll


And then paste the appropriate fabric.


Step 7

When the adhesive has dried, the tape is tightly secured to the cardboard roll and you can further decorate the bracelet. We used small shells that we gathered on the beach, and secure them along the bracelet with the hot glue. You can use buttons or other decorations, the possibilities are limitless.

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