Bookmark of a paper clip

29/01/2017 Metal , Plastic , Recycling 610 Views

Creating some interesting things is a real pleasure. Further, when you can use some little things around you as a material, the pleasure is double. Bookmark of a paper clip is one of such projects. If you like to read books, you know how annoying it is when you close the book and forget on which side. The solution is a small bookmark. See how to quickly make a nice bookmark.

Step 1

key and a paper clip

Basically, this is a paper clip, which we will decorate with some interesting details. We chose it to be the key of the computer keyboard. If you make the effort you will surely find a keyboard that is broken and discarded, and where you can remove the keys. Thin keys that exist on laptops are ideal for this bookmark of a paper clip.

Step 2

Applying a hot glue on a key

All you need to do is to apply to the back of the key a drop of hot glue and glue the connected part of a paper clip on that place.

Step 3

Select the appropriate buttons with symbols like “I stopped here” or…

Step 4

bookmark of paper clip

… „I made a break here…

Step 5

bookmark of paper clip

In this project, you do not have to stop at the keys. Be creative when decorating bookmarks of paper clips. Instead of the key, you can use buttons for clothes or something similar…

Step 6

bookmark of a paper clip

And that’s it. It`s very easy to make and convenient.

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