Bolid of a cardboard roll

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All the boys love car races, both the little ones and the big ones. In a few minutes you can make a small bolide from a cardboard roll and with the help of children’s imagination organize a real tournament.

Step 1

A cardboard roll, small wooden stick, plastic caps

Caps may be of different colors.

For this simple project you need just a few things that you already have at home. For the body of the bolide, you will use a cardboard roll, for the wheels use four plastic caps, and for the axle use small wooden stick for food. And of course, every serious bolide must be colorful. For this, you can use colored adhesive tape.


Step 2

Paper roll drilled in the middle

We will start from the place for the driver of Formula 1. Cut a hole in the shape of the letter H In the middle of the cardboard roll, as shown below.

Step 3

Drilling of a plastic cap

A hole in the cap should be such that a small wooden stick cannot fall out

Next in line are the wheels. Drill each plastic cap in the middle. The hole should be slightly smaller than the width of the diameter of the wooden sticks so the wheels would not fall out of the axle.

Step 4

Attaching the plastic caps on the cardboard roll

Very soon we come to the installing wheels on the bolide from a cardboard roll. Somewhere at the bottom of the roll drill two holes, pass a wooden stick through them and slide the plastic caps on ends.

Step 5

Cutting wooden sticks with pliers

Shorten the excess of wooden sticks to the same length on both sides.

Step 6

Bolide of a cardboard roll

For decoration, you can use multicolored paper collage.

Bolide is complete. It remains only for you to decorate it according to your choice. You can paint the roll, decorate it with adhesive tapes as in this case or glue stickers DIY on it.

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