Blossom of a dry branch

16/07/2017 Wood 1373 Views

Spring, besides the rise in temperature and waking of nature, it is characterized by wonderful flowering trees. You can make bloom branches in the middle of winter.This is one of the projects in which children can actively participate. At the same time, this is an opportunity to talk to children and explain to them why the trees bloom, when it happens, what occurs after the flower, etc. With creative play, children will easily understand the cyclical repetition in nature that depends on the seasons.

Step 1

dry branch

For this project you only need two things. One dried branch that you can find under each tree.

Step 2


And a lot of popcorns.

Step 3

applying hot glue on a popcorn

Apply a bit of hot glue on a popcorn…

Step 4

gluing popcorns on a branch

And then glue it on a popcorn

Step 5

Blossom of a dry branch

Repeat this procedure for other popcorns. In a very short time, the dry branch will flourish. Such a blossomed branch can also be an unusual decoration in the winter days.

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