Basket of Paper

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Children have a lot of little things they love among their toys.It is important to teach them from a young age to put things in their place. For the collection of those little things, you need some interesting box. We have already shown you in the post Simple paper box how you can make a cute little box for small items. On this occasion, we will show you how you can make a basket of paper.

Step 1

Red paper

The basket is made very simple. To start, you need paper of arbitrary color dimensions 18×18 cm.

Step 2

squares drawn on red paper

On that paper, draw a grid of rectangles 6×6 cm, there will be 9 of them. Fold the paper along those lines.

Step 3

notched red paper

The next thing to do is to cut a bit the paper with scissors by drawn lines so as to separate squares in the upper and lower row.

Step 4

notched red paper

On the middle squares in the upper and the lower row, you will draw triangles. You will draw a triangle by connecting the dot in the middle of the outer side of the square with the opposite corners of the square as shown.

Step 5

notched red paper

Cut triangles along the lines you previously drew.

Step 6

notched red paper

Next, it is necessary that the remaining squares in the upper and lower row are divided into three equal parts, as shown. The dimensions of each rectangle are 2x6cm.

Step 7

notched red paper

Incise the paper along the lines you have drawn, as shown.

Step 8

gluing of red paper

You have finished the preparations, now you can begin to assemble the basket of paper. Take two strips closest to the triangle and glue them at a right angle.

Step 9

gluing of red paper

Then take the next two strips and connect them at the place of a compound of the previous two.

Step 10

gluing of red paper

And finally, glue the third pair of strips at the junction of the previous ones.

Step 11

gluing of red paper

Do the same on the other side and you should get a base of the basket as illustrated.

Step 12

a strip and two circles of red paper

Each basket must have a handle, including this one. For a handle, you need one strip dimension 18×1, 5 cm that you will cut from the same paper and two circles with a diameter of 4 cm.

Step 13

cutting a circle of red paper

At both circles cut the lines in the middle. The cut must be so long that papers handle passes through it.

Step 14

circle of red paper

Pull the handle through an incision in the middle of the circle and glue it to the circle. Do the same on the other side of the handle.

Step 15

basket of paper

Now all that remains is to apply some glue for paper on circles and to fix a handle in place.

Step 16

basket of paper

And that`s it. Basket of paper for children’s little things is over. You can make more of these baskets of different colors so the child can classify things. One basket for wax crayons, the second for markers, third…

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