Welcome to the tiny-workshop.com

The tiny-workshop.com site is about making toys and other interesting things for children. It was created as a combination of parenting and the tendency of the authors of the website to “mend”. On the website, you will find projects of varying complexity. From those simple that children can make, small ones, to those difficult even for parents. The most interesting projects are certainly those that involve both children and parents. That represents mutual satisfaction; even small kids feel emotional content when they are involved in the process of creation.

Whether you’re making toys as a hobby, want to spend creative moments with your child or want to donate your kid the original toys or just have a need to save by making your toys, on this site you will find many ideas with detailed instructions on how to make them.

All projects on the site the tiny-workshop.com are made “step by step” with a short description so it is easy for you to follow.

Thank you for taking some of your time to visit our website. We had a lot of fun making this site and we hope you will enjoy it.