Sticks fridge magnets

22/10/2017 346 Views

Magnets for the fridge are mandatory souvenirs from the trip. Nevertheless, fridge magnets can have a few more useful purposes. Here's a project to create a magnet for a fridge that will entertain your little ones.

Unique pendant

15/10/2017 132 Views

We will show you how trough clay game you can make unique pendant that every parent will safely keep.

Rattle of a cardboard roll

08/10/2017 160 Views

When you mention the rattle, the first association is babies. However, the rattle can be interesting to older children as a musical instrument. See how this unusual instrument can be made in a few minutes.

Stickers from hot glue

01/10/2017 161 Views

Kids adore stickers. You do not have to buy them; look how you can make real stickers in a shape of a button.