Woven Paper Gift Topper

30/10/2016 1965 Views

The way in which the gift is packed it is equally important as the gift. Here is a simple way you can nicely decorate a gift

Hedgehog of a wild chestnut

25/10/2016 601 Views

In the fall, you can find a lot of wild chestnuts. This popular fruit can be used to create interesting toys and decorations. Here's how to create a lovable hedgehog.

Envelope from circles

09/10/2016 766 Views

Usually, greeting cards are placed in envelopes and delivered to celebrant with regards and good wishes. Here is how you can create an interesting envelope that will be a nice gift per se.

Salt Dough Handprint Keepsakes

02/10/2016 869 Views

These small traces of hands and feet can be made easily and inexpensively, and are the perfect memento of the days when your children were small.