Drum from a can

25/09/2016 460 Views

Making musical instruments can be as much fun as playing them. Here's how you can very easily create a drum for children from tin cans.

Stickers DIY

18/09/2016 537 Views

Children are very fond of stickers, but they are quickly gone. Imagine you can make them yourself. Well, you can, here's how.

Rattle from the plastic caps

11/09/2016 527 Views

The rattle is baby's favorite toy. Here's how you can make an interesting rattle of plastic caps in a minute.

The raft of corks

05/09/2016 537 Views

Cork is a good material for the realization of various creative ideas. This is one of those ideas. You just need a few corks and you can easily make an interesting raft out of corks. Children will be delighted.