Snowman in the middle of the summer

31/07/2016 617 Views

In winter, it's fun to make the Snowman. The problem is that you have to wait for the snow for that activity. Well, you do not! Here's how to make the Snowman in the middle of the summer, in the home.

Watch from paper plates

24/07/2016 913 Views

For children learning to look at the watch can be a real challenge. But with the help of the watch of paper plates, learning becomes a game.

Snake from plastic caps

17/07/2016 621 Views

A snake from plastic caps? What is that? What kind a snake is that??? Do not worry, it is a good snake that likes to play with kids. Here is how to make one.

Paper Heart Chain

13/07/2016 543 Views

Paper Heart Chain is a simple and very beautiful decoration for celebrations you can make with the help of scissors, stapler, and paper.

Dinosaurus from a paper plate

10/07/2016 643 Views

While the dinosaurs became extinct very, very long time ago it does not prevent children to simply adore them. Their joy is endless when you suggest to them to make one together. Here's how you can make one fake little dinosaur in a few minutes.

The serpent from rolls of toilet paper

06/07/2016 617 Views

This is another way to take advantage of discarded cardboard rolls of toilet paper. Gather a few rolls, connect them and create a colorful snake

Spinning top of the plastic cap

03/07/2016 651 Views

Spinning top has been used for thousands of years. Have fun with us making this old toy from modern materials.